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About Us

We Balkrishna agro Products an Ultra Morden and Hygienic manufacturing Unit are Situated at the outskirts of Ahmedabad City of Gujarat in Pollution free Zone. We have made a highly Sophisticated Infrastructure base. We have made a highly sophisticated infrastructure base. Our dedicated team provides the range of products to meet the requirements of our clients. We have a hard-working team of professionals that work delicately to increase the quality of the products. We are committed to Developing Delicious Nutritious Raw Materials like Vegetable Powder and Grain Powder for your pet Food.

Our Factory area is located in 365,000 square feet. 75,000 square feet are I covered by ultra-Modern Infrastructure including latest Machinery and Drying Systems.

Our Process Flow Chart With Machiney

1 Selection of Vegetables and fruits
2 Washing and Grading
3 Cutting
4 Drying in Hygienic Solar Tunnel Dryer at 60*C
5 Grinding
6 Blanding
7 Screening
8 Packing in 25 Kg Bag / 600 Kg Jumbo bag